A threshold can be defined as a strip of a material that forms the bottom of a doorway.  It can mark the point at which one moves from outside to inside or a more pronounced barrier to entry to such as a gate.  The word threshold can also imply that something changes once you move past a particular point.

Thresholds can also present themselves as barriers to entry.  Sometimes you may see them, other times not–it depends on what you are looking for exactly.

How do you cross a threshold?  

You could smash it, break it, or crush if it existed as a physical object.  Asking permission or accomplishing some task may literally open a  door for you.  A threshold could also appear as an invitation or the acceptance of a role.  

Once on the other side, you may find that this new world looks just like the one you currently occupy with the same problems and issues.  What’s changed, though, is you.  What are you going to do now that you have moved from one way of seeing the world to another?  It’s tough to go back and often the only way to move is forward.  Why?  Because, as it is often noted, what got you to this point is not the same thing that is going to get you to the next point in your career.

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