Architects and designers often talk about how people experience and move through space or how it is developed.

Does a room feel tight or constrained, or open and airy? Space can compress in a narrow hallway and expand in an auditorium. Through the manipulation of physical structure, space can be sculpted.

This thinking also applies to how we interact with objects, websites, or even people. Structure creates space, which thereby affects how we perceive and interact with a phone, laptop, furniture, or website, for instance.

Additionally, the structure that a management team creates to utilize its resources can have a direct impact on how people perform. Do you give space to your employees or do you seek to limit them?

The challenge for leaders is learning to see the space and then figuring out how to use it for effect. Opportunity and potential to increase levels of collaboration and develop new markets exists in these spaces.

What is happening in the space around the parts of your organization? Are you creating spaces for people to do their jobs effectively and to develop new customers? How exactly are you and your employees interacting with each other and customers?

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