For one day of the year, my street is coated in gold.  The 70-year-old gingko trees that line our small one-way street shed their leaves in one night and cover the cars, sidewalks, and street with bright yellow leaves.  A day or so later the leaves are gone as they are raked and bagged.  Passing cars quickly blow them away or grind them into the concrete.

Moments like this can be burned into our memory for a lifetime.  Why?  The clarity and simplicity of this annual occurrence sticks out from the daily patterns of my life.

I’ve come to appreciate the change in seasons now that I live in a colder climate.  With it comes a focus on the best parts of each season.  The fall brings colors, the winter snow, the summer the spring rain, and the summer brings the heat.  These patterns are characteristics of the environment in which I live but also influence the culture.

The daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual occurrences in our lives serve as signposts that mark the passage of time.  Without events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weekends, or natural events time would simply flow.  Celebrations and other recurring events can add meaning and value to people and organizations.

What do you do on a regular basis that adds value to your family, friends, or organization?  As time seems to accelerate as we get older, taking the time to celebrate the small things can be just enough to slow down time for a moment—and hopefully make a lasting impact.

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