People are making impressions at all times.  How people act or behave can leave an indelible mark on others.  An act of kindness or politeness can shift one’s view of you as much as an act of rudeness.  The smallest of gestures or the slightest raise of an eyebrow can change the way people perceive you in an instant.

Buildings, tools, websites, and business processes can also shape people.  Architects, designers, and corporate executives have more power and influence than they may think as they as they are most involved in the way our physical world looks and feels.

How do you want to be remembered after meeting someone?  What do you want a potential customer to think after they visit your website?  Thinking about how people perceive you and your organization can help convey a message about your value.  Are you capable?  Are you overwhelmed?  Are you easy to approach or not friendly?

After you are able to define who you are and the value that you provide, then you can begin to think about the best way to project those impressions.  Without being aligned with your values and your mission, much of what you project may come off as gibberish.

[Photo:  Impressions of a foreign city in a sketchbook.] 


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