The filters on Instagram can make most images look good.  They can turn a color image to black and white (one of three filters I believe).  Some can darken or lighten an image and others can turn the sky even bluer or emphasize the color red.  It’s fun to play with and to see how my perception of an image changes with each filter.

Regardless of the change in a filter what catches my eye first, though, is the composition of a picture.  How is it organized and arranged?  How do the parts and pieces arrange to one another?  Is there a focal point?  What is the relationship between solid and voids?  Making use of the gridlines on the app can help the even the most experienced photographer create a properly proportioned image.

Why is composition important?  Because it is an expression of an underlying order and it can help guide people through your image and reinforce the story you want to tell.

[Photo: An Instagram-enhanced image of a telephone pole in Falls Church, Virginia]

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