Use a script.

Our reputation will carry us.

They just want to hear certain words.

This is just a box-checking exercise.

That was the mindset early in my career when working with clients. And what I was being coached to think and do when presenting new ideas or proposals. It worked great until I was told I missed the mark completely with a client.

It’s often said that understanding your client’s context is crucial before you start working with them. However, it’s equally important to have a keen understanding of your own internal context.

Regardless if you’re dealing with clients in retail, real estate, finance, design, etc., developing effective client-facing skills requires a solid grasp of your strengths, weaknesses, and the value you bring.

This self-awareness shapes how you approach and serve others. It acts as a lens that reframes every interaction you have. Without this clarity, solving problems or pitching ideas becomes like shooting in the dark.

Knowledge of your unique value leads to targeted, effective action.

Get clear on what you bring to the table in every interaction with a client.

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