The technology to construct buildings hasn’t changed dramatically over the last decade.  Or the last 50 years for that matter.  The techniques to lay brick, erect steel, or pour concrete are generally the same.  Contractors are also putting up walls the same way with aluminum or wood studs with a layer of drywall.  The means and methods to build are known and quantifiable.  This has the effect of reducing risk.

The more a contractor understands what it needs to construct a building to include managing labor and various trades, the more profitable the project will be.

Why change or adapt if you have a proven and reliable system of making money?

If a new technology enabled you to make money faster or more reliably then would you make the change?

Disruptive technology works and can be justified when it reduces cost, increases the speed at which something happens, and quality can be improved.  This notion applies to many industries and if you can’t meet at least one of these conditions then you might want to reconsider what you are doing.

[Photo: Construction underway along the Anacostia River in Washington, DC]


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