Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.  It’s easy to connect with people through a social network.  Gathering new clicks, likes, and views is as easy as tapping the screen of a smartphone.  It’s frictionless.

Converting that new acquaintance into a meaningful relationship is something else altogether.  In the slow economy of in-person, face to face interactions, it may take two people that have just met six months to two years before they are ready to do business together.  That may include six to twelve interactions (based on my experience) with them over email, phones calls or meetings.

Regardless of what your product can do, they won’t do business with you until they trust you.

Growing quickly over social media is great for being introduced to people or spreading ideas.  It’s like showing up to a large party.  But the real work is in working person to person to build a meaningful relationship with just one person.

Taking the time to build your network slowly through quality interactions is how lasting value is built.  Skip the parties and instead focus on smaller events or spaces where you can get close to who you want to get to know.

[Photo:  Bamboo grows quickly along a network of vines, especially when near a source of water.]

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