The reality of working in any organization is that there is a spectrum of behaviors that you might encounter.

  • His work is always thorough, never needing to be back-checked. [However, he doesn’t take criticism well.]
  • Her way of handling client issues is impressive. She could be a diplomat. [However, she is very particular about appearances, always scrutinizing what other people are wearing.]
  • The vice president’s door is always open, and she’s happy to chat. [But she seems to agree with everything I say, and my ideas seem to go nowhere.]
  • The marketing director constantly promotes our great culture on social media. [However, he does not embody these behaviors in the office.]
  • The new employee, fresh out of college, is very eager to help out. [And believes he will be running the department next year, which complicates collaboration.]

What behaviors are you willing to accept in your organization?

The closer you are to defining them, the closer you’ll be to building a culture that people will rally behind and support.

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