To be always on is to never be off.  It requires constant attention, focus, and discipline.  There will be periods when the pace slows and you can relax, but you still need to be ready to deliver.

Over time this way of working will become normalized and people will come to expect it.  There is something appealing about having a concierge-like service.  The downside is that it is can be personally draining if you aren’t careful with managing your time.  This might be easier for a machine than with a person.

Taking time off from your work is important for your health and for your business.  It enables people to step away, regroup, and perhaps see their projects in a new light.  Balancing periods of being on with periods of being off gives everyone a break.

In a time of constant connectivity taking a moment to rest, go for a walk, or step away from a screen is all that’s needed to recharge.  If anything, it will give you a chance to be human again.

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