Rethinking is the act of “thinking about something again, especially in order to make changes to it.”

Why do people rethink? Something may not be working or it may no longer be relevant. It’s an effort to fix what may be broken and start over.

Rethinking has appeared in the news recently across multiple market sectors:

Banking – Banks are rethinking their premium credit card offerings  (

Government – New drainage realities have city and state rethinking evacuation plans  (Fox 8 News)

Art – Fred Williams: abstract rethinking of timeless country  (The Australian)

Compensation – Rethinking Measurement of Pay Disparity and Its Relation to Firm Performance  (HBS)

Bookstores – How This College Bookstore Operator Is Rethinking Business  (Barron’s Next)

Architecture – Winners of 2017 “Rethinking The Future” Awards Present Radical Solutions to Present-Day Problems (ArchDaily)

Fashion and Art – With Calvin Klein’s New Sterling Ruby-Designed Store, Raf Simons Is Rethinking Fashion—and Art  (artnetnews)

Why think, or rethink?

“We must challenge the assumptions that lie behind our individualized and mechanized culture. We must increase our intellectual efforts to move beyond it.

Ideas matter. The basic assumptions on which a society establishes itself make all the difference. The intellectual life, in all its diversity, is truly important. Given that humans are now able to affect the Earth to such an enormous extent, the ideas that humans hold are critical.”

— John B. Cobb, “On the Importance of Thinking (and Rethinking), Pando Populus
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