If the focus is less, then what should be the focus?

How are the most important elements determined?

Can you make two or more ideas complement each other?

Do they align with your values?

How much can you strip away from your product, service, or experience before you arrive at the core of your idea?

Does less bring clarity to your concept?  If not, keep going.

How do you define too much?

How will less make you more (money)?

If less is creating demand, how do you scale?

Does a minimal design require more work to sell?

Or should it be able to sell itself?

Can you describe your value in a few words?

Can a strategy be minimal?

Does working with less open up more opportunities?

Can a wandering generality become a meaningful specific?

Getting to less is often a subtractive process.  Where do you start?

Additive processes are easy to build.  Can you start with less in mind?

Do you have the patience to build a customer base over time?

What if people want more from you?

Can you maintain your minimal profile as you grow over time?

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