Technology allows people to perceive connections and patterns that we would not normally be able to sense with our bodies.

Binoculars can bring objects closer and the lenses can be focused so that we can see things in greater detail.  The lenses bring people, places, or things closer to you, but they also take our eyes farther.

Computers bring the world closer, but this machine can also extend our influence and help us perceive things that we would not normally see in person.  The computing power of a desktop, laptop, or even a smartphone has enabled people to process more information in the same amount of time and to make connections faster.  However, humans still have to interpret that data that comes in.

Technology amplifies our understanding of the context in which we are working, inhabiting, or simply living.  It’s an extension of our senses.   Technology doesn’t necessarily make deciphering what is going on around easier, it just provides people with more information.  What you do with this knowledge is up to you.  We’re filters.

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