Adapting to the post-COVID corporate landscape

corporate landscape

As the world navigates the post-COVID era and experiences rapid advancements in AI, we are witnessing a significant shift in the corporate landscape. With more people transitioning to remote work, solopreneurship, and independent consulting, there is still a strong drive for organizations to remain productive. As an aspiring leader, it is crucial to understand yourself and your environment to navigate … Read More

Technology amplifies our senses

Technology allows people to perceive connections and patterns that we would not normally be able to sense with our bodies. Binoculars can bring objects closer and the lenses can be focused so that we can see things in greater detail.  The lenses bring people, places, or things closer to you, but they also take our eyes farther. Computers bring the … Read More

Everything appears to be linked

A shift in perspective can be as easy taking a step forward, backward, or sideways.  It can also be a mental shift.  Imaginative and creative people can hold multiple perspectives in their mind at once as they move their ideas around to test and understand more about what they are exploring.  Thinking this way enables designers to test ideas and … Read More