Horses and carriages gave way to automobiles in the 1920-1939 timeframe.  The first electric vehicle arrived, believe it or not, in 1834.  The first practical electric car was on the road in London in 1884.  In 2018 Nissan and Tesla led the market in the development of electric vehicles.  By 2050, at least six major countries have committed to banning the sale of gasoline and diesel powered vehicles.  Norway is leading the charge by saying that they will be free of them by 2025.  Other countries are considering when they will make the same commitment.

The rate of change appears to be increasing and momentum is building for an electrified future.

The challenge for businesses is to keep up with the ever-increasing changes in technology—and the environment.

Dealing with exponential change requires a different approach than working through proportional change.  It requires leaders to become key figures in identifying the path forward–especially when the landscape is constantly shifting.  An organization defined by procedures, management by committee, budget processes, and planning will have a tough time keeping up.

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