Why does documenting where you have been or what you have seen work well as a content strategy for your website? I believe that it works well and appeals to others because it helps show people the way. I came across this notion here, on Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog over the weekend.

Rather than telling people what they should be doing to achieve a goal or how they should be thinking, you are telling them what you have already done or are currently doing to get there. Maybe this is why developing lists or a series of instructions on a blog post has always been a good way to get clicks. It’s something that people can use immediately.

But, why does work? Because it is easier than the alternative, which is doing the work yourself.

Figuring out how to do something has always been easier when you can look at what has worked for others and then you figure out how to apply that to your problem. Aspirational thinking has it’s benefits and uses, but it can’t necessarily help you take the next steps unless that is what you specifically need.

I also believe that this approach enables flexibility. When the conditions change, so does the way to get there. So, you publish another post.

With people constantly looking for options for how to get to what’s next for them, you are helping them get there by effectively telling your story as it is being developed.

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