One summer during college I worked as a deckhand on a scuba diving charter boat. A major revelation for me was learning that 25 miles offshore that the surface water could be as still as glass. This is also where I learned about undercurrents.

On a dive as I was descending the anchor line to the top of the wreck we were tied to, I hit a current at a depth of 30 feet that was moving at 3-5mph. It swept me sideways as I was holding on to the line. While slowly continuing my way down to the wreck we were diving, I had to be careful not to turn my head sideways or my mask would be torn off or become filled with water. The current was about 20 feet thick and the water became still again once I was underneath it.

I gained a new respect for the ocean that day. I also learned about the power of undercurrents. They are not always visible on the surface but can sweep you off course quickly if you aren’t prepared.

This is a lesson that I have used for years in business. Before jumping into unknown waters, be sure to do your homework to get a better sense of what you are getting into. Things may not always appear as they seem.

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