“The more people who consume data, the more bandwidth that is consumed thus slowing down speeds for everyone.”

— David Matthews, August 2, 2017, Techspot

T-Mobile’s “Un-carrier” strategy of offering unlimited data at cheaper rates had the impact of slowing down the networks of their competitors Verizon and AT&T. The Techspot article entitled, “Verizon speeds slowed after unlimited plans introduced”, explains the situation further. It also appears that T-Mobile speeds were generally faster than Verizon’s. Additional resources can be found here:

Yup, Verizon and AT&T Are a Lot Slower After Adding Unlimited Plans  (Gizmodo)

T-Mobile Beats Verizon in Tests, Availability  (Android Headlines)

Verizon and AT&T customers are getting slower speeds because of unlimited data plans  (recode)

And for a broad view of the State of Mobile Networks, go here.

What is T-Mobile’s plan with offering unlimited data?

The author of the Techspot article captures the big picture:

“Clearly, T-Mobile’s investments in lower end spectrum for better building penetration and longer distances have done wonders for their overall coverage. Because their customer base is smaller, they’re able to gradually build up their network as they gain subscribers. This presumably has the effect of creating a more robust network while allowing for future growth. A stellar marketing department and brash yet quirky CEO also helps as well.”

— David Matthews, August 2, 2017, Techspot

What else is T-Mobile up to?

Move over Verizon, T-Mobile is the new top mobile network  (Benzinga)

T-Mobile to finish new store at Showcase Mall on Las Vegas Strip  (Las Vegas Review Journal)

T-Mobile hiring 170 employees as it opens 24 retail stores in Arizona  (Phoenix Business Journal)

T-Mobile will no longer support its Windows app by end of August  (Digital Trends)

T-Mobile May Enter A Merger Based On Synergies, Deutsches Telekom says  (Android Headlines)

How T-Mobile is using containers in production to increase uptime and save money (GeekWire)

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