How to build a following

people walking

Developing a following is not as simple as coming up with a good idea or creating an innovative product and waiting for people to discover it. You need to work directly with customers and build a relationship with them in order for people to consider working with you. The nature of building a following is changing because of the number … Read More

The cult of data

data and information

Data isn’t everything.  There are also humans. Data is a representation of the behavior and activities of people, places, and things.  It can illustrate what has already occurred.  It can also show you where you’ve been and what you’ve done, but not necessarily tell you where you need to go. Data-driven design is an expression of, well, data.  Designing a … Read More

Under Armour is an old brand?

At least that’s what teens are saying and they seem to prefer Adidas and Vans. Nike is still number one, though. Under Armour is again the No. 1 brand males classify as an “old brand” that they no longer wear. Piper Jaffray notes among upper-income females, Under Armour got only one vote as the preferred apparel brand. As a result, Piper … Read More