Networked living

webs on plants

Networks come in various shapes, sizes, or types: biological, neural, computer, electrical, radio, social, telecommunications, and television. There is an endless number of things that can be linked: parts of the body, cultures, people, organizations, computers, devices, thermostats, homes, equipment, engines, and even other networks. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes network, when used as a noun, as an arrangement of intersecting horizontal … Read More

Connections are made when people find common ground

Connections are made when people find common ground.  It may take talking for a few seconds or it may take years to find that one thing that connects one person to another.  A common bond can become the foundation for profitable partnerships and future collaborations. Connections are especially important for people that are working outside of your physical presence and … Read More

Your most important work is directly in front of you

Developing a grand vision and a long-term plan for the future is an important task for any person or organization. But, don’t forget that your most important work is that which is directly in front of you.