Sometimes the only way out is through.  As nice as it might be to take a short cut or find a workaround it’s not always possible at first. Tackling a problem head-on and working through it step by step forces you to set priorities and make choices. Only after understanding what you’re working with can you start to see how to … Read More

Networked living

webs on plants

Networks come in various shapes, sizes, or types: biological, neural, computer, electrical, radio, social, telecommunications, and television. There is an endless number of things that can be linked: parts of the body, cultures, people, organizations, computers, devices, thermostats, homes, equipment, engines, and even other networks. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes network, when used as a noun, as an arrangement of intersecting horizontal … Read More

Connections are made when people find common ground

Connections are made when people find common ground.  It may take talking for a few seconds or it may take years to find that one thing that connects one person to another.  A common bond can become the foundation for profitable partnerships and future collaborations. Connections are especially important for people that are working outside of your physical presence and … Read More