On good design


Good design is often about creating visual interest and appeal. However, it can also be about creating a sense of order, or a feeling of spaciousness. In short, good design is about more than just making things look good; it’s about solving problems and creating an aesthetic that meets the needs of both the client and the user. When it … Read More

The born identity

We are all born with a unique identity that shapes our sense of self and how we interact with the world around us. This identity is shaped by our genes, our families, and our culture. Our genes determine our physical characteristics, such as our hair and eye color. They also influence our personality traits, such as whether we are outgoing … Read More

The bridge builder

There are few things more important than building bridges. By definition, a bridge is a structure that spans a physical barrier and provides a link between two points. In many ways, bridges are the unsung heroes of the modern world. They help us to cross rivers, connect roads, and even span vast oceans. But bridges aren’t just physical structures; they … Read More