As people develop more refined tastes, they will only expend energy when they need to. You know what you want and know to get it–so why do anything else?

As people build a following or a movement, whether as the leader of an organization or on social media, there is the tendency to be more careful with who you deal with regularly. It may be because you don’t have time or you have too much on your plate. Alternatively, it may be to protect your position or you may only want to relate to people of similar status. Opening yourself up to others and their ideas can leave you exposed if you are not comfortable with yourself.

Make the effort to continue to build connections with others, even as you are building your organization. When you start to lose touch with where you came from and what it took to get there, you may become disconnected from your foundation. Once you’ve separated, it’s hard to go back and appear genuine.

Once you are out of sight, people will tend to move on if you are not relevant to them.

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