Fixing politics? Create a common vision.

Taking on the challenge of fixing politics is a daunting task. It’s a leadership problem.

As a leader, where do you start? 

Considering that in the age of social media that change generally comes from the bottom up, I would ask you where you want to go. Understanding what someone wants to create will shape the rest of the conversation. Your goal should be to tie together the interests of people, constituents, or customers with the broader goals of the organization to create a common vision.

I would then follow up with these questions to start to define your current position and then chart the path forward. 

Do you want to…

Maintain the status quo or adapt? 

Protect the establishment or change with the times?

Stick with the plan or be flexible?

Commit to producing certain ideas, products, or services or get to know what your customers really want?

Turn inward or turn outward?

Create more problems or create value?

Keep people away or bring people together?

Think small or think big?

Focus on strictly creating profit locally or creating a greater impact?

Stagnate or innovate?

It’s not an easy task.

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