I’ve never thought of myself as a leader and I certainly don’t think I’m very creative.  However, I listen well, make connections, and can see the big picture.  I can also hold multiple points of view in my mind at once and consider them objectively.  Possibilities come and go, and sometimes I grab onto them and other times I let them go.

Working with people is fun, but I prefer talking to individuals or small groups instead of navigating a crowded room.  Moving through a group of people I can pick up words here and there, and figure out the buzz in the room.  It usually ends up being variation of what everyone else is talking about at the event.

I like to make things happen and I’m very good at spotting patterns and creating opportunities.  I’m obsessed with potential.  Does that make me more of a leader or more creative than someone else?  Maybe, but it depends on how one defines what it means to be a leader or to be creative.  For me, it’s about being able to see the potential for action, understanding the effects, and then creating an environment for that concept to emerge.

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