Although they seem like toys, micro buildings have been the focus of architects recently as a means to solve problems related to increased construction costs and improving the quality of life of the inhabitants.  The project is being led by U.S. architect and NYU professor, Louise Harpman and Costa Rican student Natalia Martinez.

…when it comes to climate change, she is concerned about the ways in which excessive consumption is affecting the environment. To address this, the zeromicro™ Project seeks to incorporate and respond to recent trends in architecture, construction systems and urban politics. To achieve that, the project must comply with different requirements.

“First, there’s a great demand for individual apartments in urban areas. Secondly, there are regulatory requirements to generate zero waste or net zero positive buildings… Lastly, [Zero Micro] would take into account regulation and monitoring through big data,” Martínez explained.

The benefits, according to Martinez are three-fold:

…less money is spent on utilities and upkeep, more people are encouraged to live in a building that costs less, and those who rent the building gain a marketing tool for consumers seeking a sustainable lifestyle.

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