Technology can certainly transform that which it is exposed to or touches.  But how?  Here are three examples:

Technology Transforms The Financial Landscape: Do Not Underestimate It

We have long argued that investors place excessive attention on data blips of little consequence.

It is absolutely vital today for investors to understand how technology is radically reshaping the economic landscape.

Armed with a greater appreciation of how technology is changing markets, investors will be able to more effectively deploy capital.

Using Blockchain Technology to Clean Up the Niger Delta

Our venture-funded project gives each individual real control and power over his or her economic lives. Community members are paid for their work in local currency through our secure, non-corruptible, payments platform.

Community members previously had no way to break the cycle of government and corporate corruption that has imprisoned their citizens in their polluted tribal lands. With SI, we give each citizen the choice to put down their guns and pick up their cell phones – giving up bullets and picking up Bitcoin.’ This transforms each person from economic prisoner into an entrepreneur, who earns a living by doing good for their community and their local environment.

Regulation must keep pace with technology, says World Economic Forum

Uber is a business that has been regarded by many as attempting to, if not outgrow, at least outsmart much of the existing regulation that cities’ transport networks are built upon. Like water looking for the swiftest route to flow the tech firm has sought find the quickest route to growth, assuming all else will follow: now, with TfL’s removal of its licence the regulator is just another dam to burst.

However you interpret its actions, TfL is facing exactly the problem highlighted by today’s Global Competitiveness Report from the World Economic Forum (WEF): the struggle to ensure regulation keeps pace with technological advancement. And if we think Uber’s technological abilities and use of them are a problem, then just wait until we have to tackle self-driving cars.

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