It’s difficult to please everyone.  The most successful products please a core group of people that are committed to your brand and product.  Others are along for the ride for various reasons—they like the way it looks, the way it works, how it is priced (high or low), the specific way it solves their personal problem, or possibly because all of their friends are using it.

People can also be kept away for the same reasons.

In the development of new products, services, experiences, or even buildings the challenge facing the designer is meeting the needs of the customer and providing a deliverable that delights them.  What is delight?  I see it as bringing excitement, elevating the human spirit, or even solving an old problem in a new way.  It gets the customer and user enthusiastic about using what you have thoughtfully taken the time to create.

The concept of delight can keep you focused and help you through the tough decisions that are often required when designing something new or that challenges the status quo.

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