Off the front is a term used in road racing to describe a rider or group of riders that have broken away from the peloton during a race. The rider does this to get television time for the sponsors of his team, to shake up the dynamics in the main pack, or to simply go for the win.

A breakaway can last for a few seconds or minutes, or for the duration of a race–or until the teams in the peloton decide that it is time to do something about it.

Going off the front requires strength, confidence, and discipline, especially if one hopes to pull off a win. Going solo is much harder than working with a small group of riders, because at some point it will be you against the will of the peloton. The strongest rider often does win, but so can a smart rider that exerts himself at just the right moment when the conditions on the road are in his favor… the terrain is changing, there is a lull in the pursuit, or the peloton is disorganized, for instance.

Startups and entrepreneurs live off the front and it is not unlike what bike racers deal with over the course of a race. It’s an exciting and dangerous place to be, but the rewards can be staggering.

Having the courage to make that first step and then to continuously follow through is what’s required stay on your own. The open road is where you are on your own and creating your future as the road unfolds in front of you.

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