Multiplying yourself is…

Moving so fast and effectively that you appear to be in several places at once and creating action.

Small actions, such as a nudge here, a whisper there, or an appearance over there can make it seem that one is doing everything. Leading people is sometimes like that as you work to shepherd and guide others towards some yet unrealized goal.

A digital tool can augment one’s physical presence and reinforce one’s message. It can also help document the process of transformation as you work to achieve your goals. Email newsletters, video, and social media can help bring people into your creative process. The process of creating content has never been easier.

People that are capable of and have the energy to multiply themselves are driven. I find that it’s not about collecting likes or making viral content. At that point, you are just playing video games if you aren’t doing these things for a reason.

It’s about being a catalyst for action. Making the connections that others can’t see and creating value for others is what it is all about. Interested in working for the common good? Then start watching how your words and actions effect others. This will give you a sense of how to proceed.

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