My corporate awakening happened in the basement of an office building. I had been assigned a temporary seat there when visiting a particular client. I had enough.

When I first joined the workforce, I was filled with optimism and energy. As I gained experience working with a diverse range of people, from executives to clients and front-line staff, my perspective started to broaden. I also had the opportunity to work with different clients, which further expanded my knowledge.

However, at some point, I hit a wall. The enthusiasm I once had for work gradually turned into a monotonous grind. Looking back, I realized that as my attitude deteriorated, I found myself facing more challenging circumstances. I was assigned to dismal offices, handed the toughest clients, placed with new employees, and given resource-lacking projects.

Although everything I touched turned to gold, I couldn’t find satisfaction. The leaders and managers I supported recognized my ability to handle even the most difficult situations, which only led to more demanding tasks being piled onto my plate. At that time, I was traveling extensively and often found myself alone in hotel rooms or airport lounges. During those moments, I immersed myself in books and filled multiple notebooks with ideas.

Everything changed when I redirected my frustration and energy into writing. I decided to start a blog. Initially, the posts were nothing remarkable, but I made a commitment to write daily. Over time, I learned how to craft posts that resonated with readers. I also discovered effective strategies for promoting my content and myself, which eventually led to consulting opportunities.

When I reached a five-figures in revenue a year, I realized I was onto something significant.

The hobby was turning into something else.

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