Adjacent ideas

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Facing increasing competition and the prospect of moderate growth, restaurants are starting to deliver food. Food delivery isn’t a new idea.  However, the concept was enabled by technology and the demand for quality food. Finding new ways to stimulate growth isn’t as hard as you might think.  Adjacent markets or industries may offer clues about what to do next.  It’s … Read More

A pleasant non-answer


A pleasant non-answer serves an interesting role in relationships between people. As a general or vague response delivered with a cheery tone or a smile, it can soften bad news.  It can keep people in the dark about what you really think.  A non-answer might also buy you some time while you figure what to do next.  There are positive … Read More

The outsiders

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Bringing in an outsider to join your organization can inject a fresh perspective in your work.  This could take the form of a lateral hire for a key position, a new CEO, a new board member, or perhaps a leadership coach.  Sometimes just a conversation with someone from outside your industry will suffice. How do you know when it is … Read More