David Bohm (1917-1992), a renowned physicist and theorist, was one of the most original thinkers of the twentieth century. He felt strongly that true originality and creativity were not the result of following a pattern, technique, or method, but rather the individual.

Thus, originality and creativity begin to emerge, not as something that is the result of an effort to achieve a planned and formulated goal, but rather as a by-product of a mind that is coming to a nearly normal order of operations. And this is the only way in which originality and creativity can possibly arise, since any effort to reach them through some planned series of actions or exercises is a denial of the very nature of what one hopes to achieve. For this reason, originality and creativity develop only if they are the essential force behind the very first step.

— David Bohm, On Creativity

Frameworks and processes are useful to help people understand problems, but they don’t make one inherently more original or creative. They help people see associations and connections between disparate elements, but it takes a person to make the actual connection.

Don’t limit yourself by working strictly within a framework.

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