I have been called a machine.

After spending countless hours in the design studio to finish a project: you’re a machine.

While training for a marathon, rain or shine: you’re a machine.

I manage to work in coaching a soccer team on top of other obligations: you’re a machine.

I find the energy to get up early a few mornings a week to exercise: you’re a machine.

I decided to start posting on my blog daily: you’re a machine.

I consistently over-deliver on projects at work: you’re a machine.

I can ride my bike for hours: you’re a machine.

I can make time for anyone: you’re a machine.

Yes, I may be a thinking, breathing, biological organism with a propensity for action, but I don’t think of myself as a machine. I see myself as patient, focused, and driven. And I no longer hesitate to take advantage of opportunities when the proverbial door opens.

Once I decide to do something, could I appear machine-like to others–perhaps never stopping? Possibly.

But, I do know when to ease up or stop.

That’s what make us human.

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