The pace at which we are being connected, primarily through digital tools, is increasing. The world was hit with a wave of technological developments over the last decade that did make people more connected, but it has also had the effect of keeping people apart. Particularly those physically closest to us.

With a heightened awareness of what is happening around us, we should be smarter about how we move through life by making more informed decisions. We should not have to react to every option that comes across our path. But, people do because of the apparent need to feel as though they are keeping up, somehow, with others.

Everyone has a breaking point or threshold, that once crossed, their output immediately starts to decline or the quality of their work decreases. Or they lose motivation entirely. So, why not make an effort to make better decisions based on a greater awareness of the world that aligns with our individual or organizational goals?

When operating in this state, you move when you have to and expend energy only when needed. One begins to move with intent–not chasing every option or bit of data that crosses our screen.

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