The New Yorker just published a great piece about AOL Instant Messenger.

Can we ever go back to those simpler tech times? Of course not. But there’s more than one way forward. On the same day that the demise of AIM was announced, the Guardian published a piece about Google, Twitter, and Facebook engineers and designers who are warning of the addictive, destructive properties of the technologies they have helped to create. “One reason I think it is particularly important for us to talk about this now is that we may be the last generation that can remember life before,” Julian Rosenstein, a creator of Gchat and Facebook “likes,” said.

However, this is what caught my attention:

“If we only care about profit maximization, we will go rapidly into dystopia.” He’s right. We need more people in tech thinking critically about the products they create, and the people they affect. We’re not all friends, even if we are all connected as never before.

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