Words carry meaning


Every interaction with a customer–a text, email, call, or meeting–is an opportunity to create value. How you communicate with others is just as important as what you are actually saying. Are you clear, concise, and responsive?  Do you give people space and time to respond? Words carry meaning.  Think carefully about what you are communicating.  The right choice of words at … Read More

Understand the past

space shuttle

You may see a website as something that lives within a computer.  I see it as part of the evolution of a machine I first started using on a desktop computer thirty years ago.  Being aware of where you are is just as important as how you arrived at this point in time. Without seeing how “now” fits into the larger … Read More

Time doesn’t wait

decaying stadium

Businesses can age like people. Decay can set in with a dim outlook, poor financial health, and bad decision-making. A bright vision, a plan of action, and a willingness to take chances can keep a business continually relevant. Time doesn’t wait. [Photo: Abandoned RFK Stadium in Washington, DC]