The importance of traditions

washington redskins football game

Traditions come in many forms and they vary by culture, organization, family, and individual.  They can mark the passage of time (Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter) or refer to the way something is done (exchange of gifts, pledging to improve something in the new year).  Traditions can also be passed down over generations and evolve over time. They are important because … Read More

Layers of information

furniture and art in room

The Tabard Inn is one of the oldest continuing running hotels in Washington, DC.  This hotel and restaurant are made up of three townhouses that have been joined over time by connecting passageways.  It has an old European feel and not one of the rooms is the same. One of my favorite spots in the hotel is the lounge.  Here … Read More

Manmade systems and digital growth

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Manmade systems include forms of government, communications, highways and roads, medical services, food production, package delivery, and even cars.  These systems have developed to support the lives of humans, especially those living a sedentary lifestyle in towns, cities, and urban areas. The Industrial Revolution, from 1760 to 1840, fundamentally changed the way humans work, play and live.  A similar revolution … Read More