• “We don’t have a way to capture new ideas.”
  • “Our process will take a long time to get this idea approved.”
  • “There are too many people involved for us to reach a decision.”
  • “This idea is going to upset the VP because it overlaps with her turf.
  • “Implementing this change will be like moving a mountain, given our current approval structures.”
  • “This concept will end up in bureaucratic limbo before it sees the light of day.”
  • “There are too many gatekeepers guarding the status quo for any real progress to occur.”
  • “This initiative will ruffle too many feathers. It’s groundbreaking but threatens the established order.”
  • “Our innovation cycle is so sluggish. This’ll be outdated by the time it’s finally rolled out.”
  • “It’s a brilliant idea, but it’ll be caught in the crossfire of departmental turf wars.”

Rather than putting up resistance to new ideas, ask yourself: How are you and your organization working to break down barriers to innovation?

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