There are a number of ways that people can accomplish tasks or complete their work:  early, on time, or late.  Or not at all.  The quality of a deliverable could always be consistent and people are persistent in getting it done.  Some people may take a circuitous path to get things done and others may work more directly.  If you work in a linear manner then you will work a certain way following a specific process.  If you take a less structured approach, then you may not do things in an order that makes sense to other people–and that’s just fine.

Getting a job done and to a reasonable level of completion is an important skill to learn.  It forces a person to weigh options and make decisions.  Your choice may not be the best for all involved but it has to be made in order for the project to move forward.

How people choose to accomplish their work says a lot about who they are as a person.  It can express their values and what’s most important to them.  The way in which people work is just as important as the actual work they are doing.

[Photo:  Some people like to work in the dark]

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