In a world where traditional centers of power and influence are being broken down or no longer have meaning for people, leaders are left with the difficult task of guiding the way to or even creating the new reality.

As new forms of business or technology emerge, previously relevant organizations will either dissolve or adapt. The key to survival will be figuring out how to reform the pieces of the old organization into something new.

More often than not, leaders will need to figure out how to build relationships with disparate or previously unrelated individuals or groups. The specific interactions that take place will be dependent upon the leader’s vision for the future.

The skill set required for this kind of work can be developed by most people that have the interest and drive to effect change. One needs to be an effective listener and have the ability to balance multiple points of view. Also important is the consideration of the greater good created by the actions of the group.

Developing effective soft skills to work with people also involves respect. If people don’t respect themselves, then they will have a hard time considering the needs of others. This kind of thinking is necessary to build and strengthen bonds between people.

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