A quick survey of the latest on artificial intelligence and design turned up the following:

When Websites Design Themselves  (Wired)

Artificial intelligence still requires intelligence  (Venture Beat)

How Robots, IoT And Artificial Intelligence Are Transforming The Police  (Forbes)

Chips Off the Old Block: Computers Are Taking Design Cues From Human Brains  (New York Times)

China is moving into more hardcore tech innovation with artificial intelligence  (CNBC)

John Jones had this to offer in his article in Venture Beat:

In the world of business and design, we have started using terms like “algorithm” and “machine learning” as magic calculations for problems we would like to gloss over. These terms often become blockers for deeper problem solving and can stall even the most worthwhile projects.

–John Jones, “Artificial intelligence still requires intelligence”, September 20, 2017, Venture Beat

What is the problem using an algorithm or machine learning to solve problems?

This article presents insight and highlights recent events with Facebook and Russian hacking: Blame the Minder, Not the Machine  (Slate)

I believe that the power in using algorithms and machine learning for problem solving is that it will become proactive. Identifying problems before they occur is an admirable goal, but who is minding the machine?

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