Your structure

steel framework of a bullding

I once had an office that overlooked the construction site of a 30-story building.  Over a period of 18 months, I watched the clearing of the site; the excavation to the bedrock; the pouring of the foundation; and the assembly of the steel structure.  Eventually, the building was clad in glass and was either transparent or reflective depending on how … Read More

Open and transparent

capitol dome reflection

People and organizations often describe themselves as being open and transparent. Social media enables one to see facets of a person or an organization, but not always the whole. The mind creates an image of the whole based on the collection of pieces, which may not be an accurate representation of reality. I was reminded of this on a recent … Read More

Making sense of complexity

framed pictures on wall

Short-term planning will set you up for short-term gains. Long-term gains are best achieved by making careful investments, being patient, and playing the long game. Taking action only on what’s in front of you is short-sighted and reactionary. Being proactive means stepping forward and not waiting for someone else to do something. Taking a look at the big picture can … Read More