Whether it’s an interactive board in a classroom full of kids or a rocket about to be launched into space, nothing is untouched by technology. On one hand it’s achieving wonders to make our lives more convenient and secure in the modern world, on the other it can have a negative impact on the environment because technology has enabled people to adapt and live and work just about anywhere. In order to change the current progression of things entrepreneurs from around the world are making positive steps to lessen the impact of technology on the planet. Here are three examples from India and Canada:

Ecolibrium Energy
Ecolibrium Energy is an energy data analytics company from India which has developed a system, by which they can collect data about the energy consumption patterns of commercial and industrial entities. By analyzing the data they have collected, they come up with plans, to make these entities more energy efficient. Their data analytics platform Smart Sense allows big consumers of electricity to optimize their energy consumption practices.

General Fusion
General Fusion is Canadian based Power Generation Company which has out to build the world’s first commercially feasible fusion reactor. All the nuclear reactors which are currently operational are fission reactors. Though it’s one of the most viable method of producing electricity, it’s in no way clean and safe for the environment. By building a fusion reactor General Fusion is trying to eliminate toxic residue and at the same time reducing the amount of emissions it produces.

Suzlon Energy Ltd
Suzlon is an India based power generation firm that is putting in a lot of efforts towards generating power from renewable sources of energy. A country like India, which is home to a population of over 1.2 billion people, inefficiency in power consumption is one the most prominent problems. Suzlon Energy Ltd with its efforts in renewable energy generation is trying to make up for the deficit in electricity production.

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