This selection from Kenneth Mikkelsen and Richard Martin’s The Neo-Generalist is a favorite and certainly insightful. It reinforces the idea that a generalist can also be a person that specializes in several different skills or has deep interest in multiple subjects.

It is impossible to be a generalist all the time. Rather there are periods, time-bound and contextualized, during which people specialize, going deep, adding to their portfolio of skills and experience, before following their curiosity in another direction. Every polymathic generalist is, in fact, a serial specialist. Even as they become known for one thing, they are quick to demonstrate that they should be recognized for another too.

— Kenneth Mikkelson and Richard Martin, The Neo-Generalist

The process of moving from specialty to specialty? Frequency hopping.

Frequency hopping, the perfect metaphor for the neo-generalist; wandering, accumulating, sampling, mixing, putting into practice what they learn.

— Kenneth Mikkleson and Richard Martin, The Neo-Generalist
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