I was updating my CV recently and counted at least 5 distinct types of work (all somewhat related) that I’ve performed over the last 22 years. Each position generally builds on what I had been doing previously, but the scope of what I’m able to impact has continued to expand.

This is what worked for me as I’ve been figuring out how to best put my skillset to use over time. I’ve chosen breadth vs depth and this has enabled me to work well in certain work environments, but not others. There are a couple of topics that I do have depth in, but I favor knowing a little about a range of things because it gives me perspective. You could call me a generalist.

There’s not a wrong answer in choosing breadth vs depth. It can be difficult to do both. However, it’s helpful to know if you need to gain experience in adjacent fields or go deeper in your current role.

Which way you go depends on what you have in mind for your next move.

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