How are you sharing information?

Given the overabundance of information available to people, how one filters what they need and then redistributes it to others is critical. Is your information relevant and timely, or irrelevant and dated? Is the information you are providing coming across the right channels so that it gets in front of the people that need to see it at the right moment?

The ability to share it across multiple networks is important because the fibers connecting us to our contacts extend far beyond personal or organizational boundaries. Our networks now include supply chains, application developers, and people that we may never meet in person. This is simply the new reality.

The concept of intelligent assistants could not have come along at a better time.

Chatbots were the first step, but with the advent of artificial intelligence new possibilities have emerged.

However, intelligent assistants need guidance:

“As bots mature into true assistants that can do many things for us, their autonomy will present some interesting challenges. Intelligent assistants need a framework for how to interact with humans, how to make decisions, and how to understand the information they have and how it can be used.”

— Matt McMillan, Talla, Venture Beat

Howard Tullman’s article, Smart Sharing Isn’t Simple–Learn the Right Approach, is informative and he describes the four basic elements of smart sharing: “(1) immediacy; (2) authenticity; (3) personalization; and (4) credibility.”

Will a machine be able to meet or exceed the same standards?

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