Patterns of consumption are shifting and clues for what’s next can be found across multiple industries. This post contains links to the following topic areas: Subscription Economy – Prepared Meals – Less of Everything – Groundwater Scarcity – Japanese music – Thought Leadership Trends – Fewer livestock products.

Fosina Marketing Group – Millennials are Leading the Shift to a Subscription Economy

DANBURY, CT / ACCESSWIRE / April 3, 2017 / As millennials continue to exert greater control and influence over today’s economic climate, it has become mission critical to understand their real time spending patterns and methods in order to optimize effective marketing strategies and engagement.

Prepared Meals Market 2017 Share, Trend, Segmentation and Forecast to 2020

Prepared Meals Global Market Segmentation and Major Players Analysis 2022

Less Of Everything For Young Americans

I normally write about closed-end funds and other income producing assets but decided to take a detour into the “macro” picture. I’ve been collecting some statistics for the past few years regarding the US economy but a fascinating (and sad) Bloomberg article finally provided the motivation to put an article together.

Changing Food Pattern Can Help Tackle Groundwater Scarcity in India

Highlights Moderate shifts in typical Indian diets could reduce groundwater use and benefit population health. Reductions in the consumption of wheat and a switch to consumption of fruit with lower water demands. Shifting to diets with a lower groundwater requirement would also be broadly beneficial for health.

Music’s shifting tides reveal a hunger for artistry in Japan | The Japan Times

Music is often characterized over-simplistically as a battle between rock and pop, seriousness and fun, but the two are always in an ever-shifting balance. With this column coming to the end of its six-year run, it feels timely to cast a look back – and perhaps also a hopeful eye forward – over the changing state of music in Japan.

Top Thought Leadership Trends In 2017 And Beyond

In 2017 and 2018, some issues will be impossible to escape, whatever the content of your thought leadership, industry or client practice. That is because we are living through years of aftershocks and inflection points that will affect all aspects of life and business.

Meat-free Monday? Not if you want a quiet week

Consumption patterns are quickly shifting towards fewer livestock products. The food industry is moving with the times and politicians looking for votes should do the same, says David Burrows. Germany’s environment minister has banned meat at official functions.

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