This article presents an impressive vision for the future: The Cities of the Future Are Smart, Green, Connected Innovation Hubs

Here are 20 questions that quickly came to mind:

How do we get there from here?

Can a city have a purpose?

How many people can live in this kind of city?

What do the people living in the cities want?

What is the nature of public space in the city of the future?

What is the state of recreation and sports in this city?

What kind of government would we need to have to support this or how is it governed?

Regarding zero-car cities, can we start testing this in sections of a city to see what it would take to execute?

How many years would it take to say that we have succeeded in creating this city? 10, 25, 50, 100?

What happens in the suburbs and exurbs?

Where and how is food produced?

What powers these cities?

Where is the edge of the city, or does it extend indefinitely merging with small towns?

What will the fringe look like?

Technology can drive the development of cities, but what is driving the technology?

Will it be expensive to live here?

How is waste handled?

How is this city policed?

How are these cities protected from fire (as this factor alone has contributed to the shape and form of modern cities)?

What does transportation look like in this city? Pedestrians, trains, aircraft, shipping and logistics support, service, military, public, private, taxis?

Where we go will depend on what people need at that moment, sustained visionary leadership, and a growing tax base. What kind of partnership is necessary between citizens, government, and industry to help guide us to this or some other future?

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