Humans have access to digital and physical tools that enable people to generate new sources of value and wealth. It can make life easier for some and hard for others. Technology is also an effective force multiplier.

Most people think of technology as a tool that is used to accomplish some end. It’s perceived to be a one way relationship.

However, the tools affect us. They influence the way we think about accomplishing work and play. It allows us to expand not only our production, for instance, but also our awareness of the potential for doing more work. Technology can enable us to think and work in a more efficient and effective manner.

Modern companies are highly networked organizations spread over large geographic areas are able to accomplish work through simple network connections. Awareness of those connections affect the way we think about our relationships with others.

Deep exposure to social media and large quantities of flowing information rewires our brains to react to this new stimulus. We start to think and act differently because we have more knowledge. We are more aware of what is going on around us and the impact of our actions on others and the environment.

Where a connection may not have been perceived in the past, digital technology has exposed the connections between people and things for all to see and use.

The technology is becoming a part of us. Our brains are being rewired to perceive the world differently. What were once seemingly random occurrences are now connections that we are aware of and influence.

The challenge for leaders is figuring out how to harness this knowledge. 

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