If you are part of a cooperative system (family) and you are the rich uncle that is flush with resources, and other family members are not, then you may need to support the other members of the family at times.

Due to your wealth and position, the benefits of participating in the system may not be that noticeable to you because most of your resources are flowing out of your family and into others. The only thing you seem to be gaining are other people’s problems.
Whose responsibility is it to solve other people’s problems? If you are part of a cooperative systemsnfort where everyone is supposed to help each other, then it is the responsibility the group to work together to address these issues.

When the backbone of your economic system, the working and manufacturing class, doesn’t see an apparent benefit to participating in this family, they may decide that there isn’t much value in it for them. Particularly when they see job opportunities and resources disappearing or being shifted to other parts of the family. Add crumbling infrastructure and politicians that may be more focused on what’s happening abroad than what is happening at home to this and you have a complex problem on your hands.

Now, add one more stressor to the equation: more people that want access to freedom, safety, jobs, goods, services, and infrastructure that you have known and enjoyed all of your life. And there’s one more thing… they may not have the same values as you or speak the same language.

The internationalist politician’s response may be that we need to do what we can to help others, but the working class position and the politicians who represent them may take a different view since they are using up their resources and affecting their already stressed way of life.   

What do you do?

Continue to supply the other members of your family with the resources they need to survive at the expense of the happiness of your own people—and continue to bring in people from outside of the family into your organization.

Or withdraw from the family so that you don’t have to worry about what the rest of the family is doing. This will also give you the freedom to do what you want with your money and resources.

What is the right answer? It’s hard to say and it really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

If we are going to progress as a civilization then we need to learn how to help others and overcome differences between people. Perhaps the answer lies between what is currently the EU and a complete withdrawal from the organization. Maybe learning to balance both perspectives is the real challenge.

So, the real question to be solved may be:  how do you effectively balance the needs of the state and its people and the greater goals of the international family to which it belongs?

A vision and view of the future may help, too. But the path forward and the leaders to take us there haven’t fully emerged.


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