Humans affect environments affect humans

Human affairs, at a variety of scales, affects the environment, which in turn affects our lives. It’s a circle.

Building on yesterday’s post’s quote that “history is influenced by the environment”…

If this [Natural, ecological, American, European, African, Eastern, ancient, Greek, Roman, medieval, feudal, economic, labor, cultural, social, political, military, corporate, archaeological, and architectural history]

…is influenced by…

…this [natural, ocean, forest, polar, wetlands, living, non-living, physical, urban, built, virtual, desktop, ambient, runtime, office, friendly, and un-friendly environments.]  


Why wouldn’t one pay attention to the environment?

There’s a lot at stake.

However if you don’t have control over your own affairs–or feel that you don’t–would you be motivated to pay attention to improving your habitat?

Or what if access to money gave you the ability to create your own environment? Particularly one that doesn’t intersect with the less desirable environment of another.

The challenge for people is to learn to balance history and the environment as new opportunities, relationships, businesses, and worlds emerge.

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