5 videos on the concept of co-creation.

Co-creation is the future of business.

How will existing business structures adapt to constantly shifting economic, political, and social conditions? Successful businesses will be in a position to anticipate the changing conditions due to the strong connections inside and outside of the organization. Success in the future will revolve around working well with others.

Businesses will be less concerned about competing with other companies, and more interested in leveraging and maximizing working relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, leadership. The stronger the relationships across all aspects of a company’s ecosystem, the better the chances to survive in the long-term.

The following videos will give you a sense how people in different industries perceive co-creation.

1. Drawing on 10 years of experiences in Co-Creation and Open Innovation, this short video shows examples of collaborative innovation with consumers.

2. Developed by the Amsterdam based consulting firm Fronteer Strategy, this video identifies different types of co-creation (suitable for different types of challenges) and presents 5 guiding principles for success and discusses the value of co-creation.

3. C. K. Prahalad on the four prerequisites for co-creation.

4. An introduction to the ways leading businesses are using interactive platforms to generate powerful results by “co-creating.”

5. Kohei Nishiyama, founder of Elephant Design, describes how he helps brands as diverse as style-conscious Muji and toy company Lego harness their consumers to create new products.

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